We do this through Specialized Courses, Private Coaching Sessions + Biannual Travel Experiences. If this piques your interest at all, book a chat with one of our LIVE BIG team members to see if this could be the next best step for you.

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Here at Live Big Little Girl, we are focused on helping you get back to the little girl inside you.



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Hey girl, every woman has different needs whether it's for life, business or both. We hand pick the right coach for your specific needs and wants so that you can get the ideal results out of your investment.

Are you wondering if there is more to this life than what you're currently living? Life coaching is an amazing tool that helps you rewire your thoughts. Our coaching sessions are intensive, deep dives into who you are and we bridge the gap to who you want to be. 

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Through thought-work and active goal setting, the life you dream of is just around the corner. 



Whether you're just starting or expanding, let's make magic happen. Our belief is how you run your business is how you run your life. We work through strategies of aligning your life first so that your business can follow suit. 

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Your health is the most important pillar. This foundational pillar will focus on the mind, body & spirit to ensure a holistic approach to moving through life & business.

Time is the only commodity you can't get more of. We will focus on maximizing our days and aligning our priorities.

The ultimate goal with financial wealth is to create systems that support expansive growth both in money & mindset.

Whether it's your relationship with God, your spouse, children, friends or most-importantly, yourself, relationships are what make the world go round.





Who we serve

Are you the girl that lays her head down on the pillow at night and thinks, “Is this it? Is this all life has to offer me?” Or are you the girl that has forgotten who she is at her core? Are you lost in being "someone's wife" or "someone's mom" instead of being recognized as you as an individual? Have you always wanted to start a business or create something of your own? You know that there’s gotta be more but you just haven’t taken the necessary steps to get there? LIVE BIG, little girl is personalized coaching for women who are searching for a life full of prosperity, love, fulfillment, and balance. 

"Before joining the live big little girl family I was really proud of the steps I’d taken in my life up to that point. With the courses I’ve been taught tools and the four pillars of wealth, and I realized I had so much more I could be achieving for myself! The first course opened up some deep wounds that I didn’t realize I needed to let go of. Through the process, I’ve learned to trust myself and my decisions. The culture of live big little girl is incomparable- the number of SUPPORTIVE women in my life is exactly what I need to continue to take big steps forward."

"The culture of live big little girl is incomparable"

Katherine C.

"I have gone through so much of my life not feeling like I was progressing towards something and not really knowing how to change. Being part of Live Big Little Girl has helped me to focus in on my purpose, and take the steps to move forward. It’s also given me a community of amazing women to help me along the way. I’m thankful to be able to teach my daughters a more positive way to navigate life."

"It's given me the steps to move forward"

Tiffany B.

"I don’t have a strong enough vocabulary to truly explain how I feel about LIVE BIG + Andrea. LBLG has taken me to a place in my life I didn’t know was even possible. I started coaching with andrea when I fell into an emotional pickle I didn’t know how to navigate. Not only did she work through that pickle with me, but she has helped me completely elevate my business and income. Being a female is HARD & adding entrepreneurship (especially in the beauty industry) is even harder. Andrea has helped me physically, mentally, and emotionally get through so many pickles in my life & business. I will never not be working with Andrea. And I think every woman needs a sense of her in their life too."

"Andrea has helped me physically, mentally, and emotionally"

Casey S.

"I feel like I have always tried to live a happy and successful life but after having three kids, starting my business and and the responsibilities that come with those I felt lost. I still very much had the desire to be organized and be living my best life, but I didn’t have the proper tools. After being introduced to Andrea I knew immediately that she had tools that could help me. I jumped in hoping and trusting in the process and I haven’t looked back. She’s taught me things that have changed life. I will forever be thankful that she showed me that it is possible to “do it all” you just have to do it the right way."

"She taught me things that have changed my life"

Meghan J.