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We do this through Specialized Courses, Private Coaching Sessions + Biannual Travel Experiences. If this piques your interest at all, book a chat with one of our LIVE BIG team members to see if this could be the next best step for you. 

Our team is excited and prepared to assist you in this self-discovery process through three phases: 

Our ultimate goal-- to make the "little girl" version of yourself so dang proud.

We can't wait to have you as a part of our LIVE BIG family!

our services

1). Define personal priorities using the 4 pillars of wealth.
2). Revisit your little girl dreams and channel your God-given gifts.
3). Implement the LIVE BIG lifestyle that you desire for you and your family.

. Andrea Wilde is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder & CEO of LIVE BIG, little girl--a coaching company that empowers women to tap into   

founder and ceo


I'm Andrea!


their own intuition to be able to strategize toward their ultimate goals. The LIVE BIG, little girl process involves strong intent on creating systems to build out their student's lives first and then their businesses follow suit. Andrea has created a movement full of real, strong, confident women of all ages that are rediscovering their "little girl" selves and ultimately LIVING BIG in all aspects of their lives.


Are you the girl that lays her head down on the pillow at night and thinks, “Is this it? Is this all life has to offer me?” Or are you the girl that has forgotten who she is at her core? Are you lost in being "someone's wife" or "someone's mom" instead of being recognized as you as an individual? Have you always wanted to start a business or create something of your own? You know that there’s gotta be more but you just haven’t taken the necessary steps to get there? LIVE BIG, little girl is personalized coaching for female entrepreneurs or wanna-be-entrepreneurs who are searching for a life full of prosperity, love, fulfillment, and balance. 


Your health is the most important pillar. This foundational pillar will focus on the mind, body & spirit to ensure a holistic approach to moving through life & business.

Time is the only commodity you can't get more of. We will focus on maximizing our days and aligning our priorities.

The ultimate goal with financial wealth is to create systems that support expansive growth both in money & mindset.

Whether it's your relationship with God, your spouse, children, friends or most-importantly, yourself, relationships are what make the world go round






We used it before the hipsters did.



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Wouldn't it be awesome if these were wearable?


This photo  depicts a mother holding her daughter. May I offer another perspective? What if we were to think of this picture as us at the age we are currently, holding a younger-girl version of ourselves? What if we treated our “little girl” selves with the grace and patience that comes with realizing that we’re all just growing and learning at our own pace, with inevitable scraped knees and wind-blown hair?

In the past, I have looked back on “little girl” me, and wished I could give her the strength and grit, grace and tenderness that she needed in order to hold her chin up through the hard stuff and triumph into the potential
she has been gifted. 

A different perspective

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