It's Not Too Late To
Reach Out To
That Little Girl.

We do this through 12-week group coaching courses, one-on-one coaching and biannual travel groups. 


Lean in to your strengths to create a peaceful, balanced, supported, organized life using the 4 Pillars of Wealth! 





Health Wealth


time Wealth

financial Wealth

  1) Hone in on skills that are vital to a healthy mindset surrounding health.
2) Learn to love and accept your body in all its glory.
 3) Gather tools to build emotional intelligence.

   1) No more wearing the "busy badge".
   2) You will learn to say "no" to the things of little importance and "yes" to the life you want to build.
   3) Learn to make your calendar reflect your priorities.

1. Build in the people in your schedule who are your biggest priority. 
2. Learn how to communicate your needs.
3. Learn the art of asking questions. 

1. Budgeting the way that works. 
2. Learn the terms that you’ve always been curious about. 
3. Create a finance plan (with the right help!) that feels like the right fit for you.

1) A 12-week course with modules to help you design your dream life.
2) 6 one on one private coaching sessions with Andrea
3) A Facebook community group to provide support throughout your journey.
4) Bonus speakers to uplift and motivate you
5) An invitation to all future Live Big, Little Girl Travel Experiences.


welcome to the
live big family

Design your 'LIVE BIG' life course:

Your course experience includes:

travel experiences

  A “Girl’s Getaway” at a FUN destination, with a small group of women that are also part of the LIVE BIG, Little Girl Family! These one-of-a-kind experiences will feature amazing food, unique excursions and Learning and Living Activities/Discussions about all kinds of relevant topics--all while creating new and lasting friendships with women from all different places and backgrounds.

Dates & Location TBD