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hi friends,

i'm Teasha!

Talk to me for the first time and I will be trying to figure out your enneagram number so I can help make your freakin' dreams come true. Don’t know what the enneagram is? Um no worries, I will tell you all about it and how you can be your best self to help those around you.

Growing up, I was always called “little” or “tiny” because of how small I was in size. I hated being so different from all my friends because I always felt like a big personality. This started my journey of just showing everyone how BIG I really was. Give me the mic, a stage, or a platform and I will show you what I can do.  Being a coach with LIVE BIG, little girl has literally come full circle for me. I get to be “little” in such a BIG way! My life mission is to help others never feel small by helping them to have true confidence and show up in their life, business and family as the best version of themselves. 

My name is Teasha and some fun facts about me are, I hate eating with spoons, I love chocolate chip cookies but hate chocolate chips so I will eat around them and I started my first business in high school. It was a snow cone trailer and it will always be a core memory and the reason to this day that I don’t get brain freezes. 

My hope with this life and everything that Rad and I are building is to leave behind a legacy of fulfillment and massive impactful for success--A blueprint to help my kids know how to excel at what excites and motivates them. I hope they see what Rad and I are creating and the passion we have for our businesses and the power in connection to help those around us.

Brooks + Remi

This is my other half, Rad. Yes, that is really his name and the reason we don't put it down for dinner reservations because people think we are trying to be funny. But this guy is one of a kind and actually saved my life on our first date. It's quite the story and I’d love to tell you all about it! Ever since he saved my life, we have been together--almost 12 years now! It’s hard to believe we were just a couple of kids when we first started out and everything we have built from running multiple business, raising kids, and investing in real estate. We know each other’s strengths and weaknesses to function at a high level and it's blessed our relationship to the MAX.


I love that our humans are little clones of Rad and I. Brooks loves all thing outdoors and starting his own little businesses selling stickers. Remi loooooves heading up the daily girl squad meeting at recess, chatting and pretending. They kill me and are at such fun ages.


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